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Born a Dreamer

jessica acosta
04/04/11 08:54:27PM
When people ask me about myself, i always use 'dreamer' to describe my personality. As long as i can remember, i dream, awake and asleep. Sometimes i think that my dream self is trying to tell my conscious self something, but i've never truly tried to experiment with it. I was wondering if anyone has any tips as how to delve deeper into your subconscious and maybe help one discover themself on a subconscious level. I am 23 years old and am on my journey of discovery, but i was thinking the other day that i don't want to wait until i am much older to realize i don't know or understand anything about who i truly am. I know, people change over time due to mistakes, experiences and what not, but i want to be able to not only tell people i am a dreamer, but alsoto show them and myself who i am and what i stand for.
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