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Lots of change...

user image 2012-07-07
By: Hannaaaa
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Haven't been on in quite awhile, no internet.

But I ended up brushing out my TnR babies after a couple of weeks because I was swimming every day, they never reallydriedout completely, my mom hated them so she made me wear my hair up at all times, and quite a few just completelyunraveled. So that was a bust of a try.

But in the last week or so, I just kind of stopped brushing my hair, and I'm already seeing progress, and I'm loving it. Even with freshly conditioned hair after the first few days it wasseparating, and I've still been swimming nearly every day, and washing after I swim, and it's crazy how my hair has taken to the process this time around. I have six or seven nicely sized chunks of hair that are really getting dread-y after such a short time. All I've been doing isseparatingthe chunks of hair, swimming in the pool, washing it, and letting it do it's thing.

For the parts of my hair that don't want to dread(my top, shorter layers are still tangle free) I may TnR in a month or three, but for now, I think my hair knows what it wants, and what it's doing. :)

07/07/12 08:49:51AM @knotlady:

i did tnr and some have unraveld but they are redreading themselves and its pretty cool. just go natural though. dont worry with tnr. wash every 3 days with baking soda/apple cider vinegar rinse! if its separating after conditioning then it should dread in no time!

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