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20 month year old dread

user image 2013-08-21
By: Golden Tribe
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my hair now appears to have little progress to me but i love it i think my hair will take 4 years to completely dread naturally even then i doubt my front hairline hair will loc. so far in the back section of my head has one small one right in the bottom mid like a tale and i have about 4 dreads on the back that i can say are pretty complete. the thing i like about my natural dreads is it seems effortless and wonky feeling and looking at the same time. some people fret about making a blunt tip but all my dreads are all blunted. i concluded that natural dread or at least for my hair type if done naturally will blunt on its own. though i would prefer them to be loose reading that my dreads might dry faster i own my dreads so i'll embrace what i got.

so far its pretty chaotic and unattractive to look at. i'm not by all means photogenic and my messy hair just screams paper bag. but in the end of the day looking at my face my hair seems to look out of place an incomplete masterpiece if you will. doesn't look good now until its finish or the idea is hard to grasp until its complete. when its done its still changing so its a workings art like glass in the crucible always removing impurities and always changing form.

i'll post photos when i can soon though i want my dreads to speed up and be done with it i'm sure when i have it i'll beg to have the experience of getting them. just like the tv commercial "leave it and forget it".

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