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dreadlocks shampoo

My tats thus far. Many more to come. :)

02/27/13 07:05:40AM

Hello everyone. I'm new to this site but I thought I'd go ahead and post some pictures of my tattoos since I'm a big fan of them and all. it makes me kind of awkward when people ask me what my tattoos represent (though I will discuss them if asked. I'm less awkward when it's not in person). I don't know if you guys feel the same way but a lot of mine don't have a lot of meaning. I just feel it is artistic expression and that they don't have to have a deep meaning but some of mine do and I'm just too introverted to discuss them >_<. Regardless here they are. enjoy them, or not. Your choice ;) alright so most of these are freshly done photos so they are all red and blotchy and such but yeah. The last one is my least favorite (and also my first tattoo) which I went into spontaneously and i dislike it now but it is supposed to be the phases of the moon. it is poorly done. I am still debating on whether i should get it covered (i have an image of Brahman on a lotus flower in mind) or just get it fixed up and colored. any suggestions? I'm not the type to regret things because I don't think most things are worth regret, especially since the body is temporary but I'd still like to get it worked on at some point >_<

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