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A "Sweet Treat" For Gils 2months dread b-day!

user image 2012-03-07
By: Gilly's Mum
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Well Gilly's dreads had their 2 month birthday yesterday! They are coming along nicely I would have to say.

She wears her cute little striped shower cap for baths most nights and we washherdreadiesonce a week using a nice nag champa dread shampoo bar that just smells lovely! Its lathers up so nicely and I just wash lift up all those knotty locks and scrub in between and around her roots. Finally we let the warm water just rinse the suds down her dreads and leaving it's sweet smell behind. I'm sure as the summer goes on and she becomes sweaty in the summer sun, more hair washings will be in order, but for now this is all we do... with exception of yesterday that is.

It was lunch time at her fine little pre-school and the kids were sitting around eagerly helping to pass one another their lunches, getting help with drinks and the like. One of Gills very sweet Teachers, Ms. Sue, came around and asked all the kids if they'd like some apple sauce. Gill said "No thank you" and as Ms. Sue walked on pass Gilly and over to serve some one else a big heaping scoop of sweet, sticky applesauce, a GREAT BIG PLOP of it fell off teh spoon and landed on a kids head...

but not just any kids head...

Not on Mic's head, with her short, easy to wash bob...

not on Tanner's head, where if could have easily been wiped up from his tight crew cut...

No, that sweet, lumpy, deliciously sticky, cinnamony applesauce landed square on the head of the kid with dread locks!

Gilly burst into tears knowing that she'd been asked to try not to get too much in her dreads and, no doubt, the onloooking caretakers did all they could to stifle their laughs and giggles as this poor little girl sat there with a plop of applesauce in her 2 month old dreads.

She INSISTED that she could NOT get them wet, and even though her teachers were fairly certain that I wash them (which we do! and she knows we do!), well they wanted to try to comfort her as best they could so instead of washing the spot, the used a baby wipe and sat there and picked out chuncks of applesauce from between her roots and down her little locks.

When I picked her up and heard the story all I could do was laugh.

"OF COURSE it was Gill... OF COURSE the one kid with the head full of applesauce was the one kid who has dreads and OF COURSE we hade JUST washed them yesterday!!!", I thought to myself.

I bet she was quite the sight! She was a good sport about it all in the end. We extra washed and we extra scrubbed the sticky spot on the top of her head and then extra extra extra rinsed.... the last thing we need is fermenting appley bits in my 4 years olds hair! I'm fairly certain we got it all out and alls well that ends well!

Happy 2 months lil dread head!

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