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dreadlocks shampoo
Gee Chin


Location: Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Country: GB

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dready journey
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Kingston Leblon
11/30/12 07:46:32PM @kingston-leblon:

Hi sister !

How do you do ?

A nice week end !

Many greats !

new dreddie
10/10/11 09:15:01PM @new-dreddie:

love your dreads! beautiful!

Theldja Ramlagan
09/21/11 09:23:32AM @theldja-ramlagan:

That'll be great:) enjoy ur day!

Qube Goodie
06/25/11 11:59:07AM @qube-goodie:

To the lovely Gee Chin... thanks for the kind words madame, I completely overstand, no worries, i too have a family, so i feel you, thats a 24 hour job in its self, lol, but i surely look forward in conversing with you in the near future,


miguel alejandro leon
03/31/11 05:21:45PM @miguel-alejandro-leon:

hey there , how r.u. . i hope the same

take care greetings from chileee

02/22/11 08:31:28AM @lunn:
Reckon id best say hello seeing as im in wolverhampton myself.

Ati Kohunui
02/20/11 04:01:46PM @ati-kohunui:
Haw thanx aye, i totaly agree thats how they shud be done the natural way, you have beautiful lokz there and youve had them n a long time tu much mine are only babies there only a year and two months old im trying tu get the loose hair tu matt up aswell so they dnt look messsy sumtimes they look choice but weni wash them loose hairs on but awell thats how they grow and form themselves lol see alot of pple get shockd by them or they say i like your dreads. I might start wearing a hat tu help matt them up faster the new hair thats growing. Any Gee chin yu hava awesome day you and yur whanau bless upp!!!!!!!!!!

Ati Kohunui
02/16/11 06:55:46PM @ati-kohunui:
You have some nice dreadies there sista twelve years a mean thats a long time jah guide!!!!!!!!!

Kingston Leblon
02/12/11 09:54:20AM @kingston-leblon:

Thank you muy sister !

You are very polite !

Have a nice week end for you muy siter !

God bless you !

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/10/11 12:56:22PM @soaring-eagle:
nice to meet ya

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