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Passing time while isolating

Gazzunger the Grey
4 years ago
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Hi all you locked down dread folk..hanging onto this crazy olde rock spinning in space,  hope the current Coronavirus pandemic isn't affecting anyone too badly.  

I'm still working (essential delivery driver) but getting more done on days off.  Uk is currently having a dry spell so I've been 

enjoying my garden and preparing to plant Veg and some flowers with the help of my trusty hound.

Anyone got any positive thoughts on covid19?

- world pollution has decreased

- people are uniting to help the sick and elderly

- hopefully the human race, ( especially   the world leaders) will learn something valuable from it.

@Soaringeagle - hope your "grow your own" food scheme is working out, please feel free to pass on any growing tips..

Stay safe everyone,.   

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