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03/19/12 11:11:13PM
12 posts

is this supposed to happen?

Dread Maintenance

I definitely noticed residue on my hair after Bronner's washes too, it always felt "dirty" faster than a baking soda wash.

Baba Fats said:

it could. Hard water doesn't rinse Dr. B's off of anything well

03/15/12 04:53:52PM
12 posts

Being a dready vegetarian :P

Dreads and Diets

Loads of italian cooking/tomato based sauces you can just leave the meat out and they're still fabulous! I live near Tillamook so still do *some* dairy, I just limit it because my stomach doesn't like it. I love eggplant parmesan or lasagna that uses zucchini/eggplant instead of the noodles. Homemade black bean burgers. Stir fries, tofu fried rice. Vegetarian chili. Curries, wraps with different veggies and sprouts, quinoa pilaf in veg. broth and toss in steamed or sauteed vegetables. Some days fruit smoothies with almond or coconut milk is better for convenience, or just a salad. It can be hard to do with a roommate or family that eats differently but can definitely be done with some planning!

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