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05/23/19 07:23:01AM
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Greetings New Friends!

Introduce Yourself

I've been on this site before, but just joined up. Been looking for other dready people to talk to. 
Anyway, this is my second set of dreads.  My first was a dread kit, mother done disaster which ended up getting cut off after a few months.  After that I was hesitant to try again, though I still loved dreadlocks and knew deep down in my heart that they were something I really wanted in my life. 
I made just about every mistake possible with the first set and learned my lessons. 
This time, I started with no kits, no waxes, no crochet hooks, no interlocking... I backcomed to get them started, but mostly, I leave them alone, separating when necessary. 
I love my locks, and plan to keep them forever!
Anyway, I'm happy to be here, amongst other dreadlock enthusiasts and look forward to getting to know you ! 
Love to all! 

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