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Need some advice ! Newbie !

user image 2012-09-14
By: eva
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Hello ! I have always wanted dreads for as long as I can remember ! Finally, im taking the leap into dreadlock world. However, I'm only partially dreading my hair because I want to see how they look and if I like them enough to dread the rest of my head. So a couple on the bottom nape of my neck, and a couple in random spots. I've decided to use the twist and rip but noticed that there are a lot of loose hairs. From what I know you can either crochet them in, or just let them naturally. I'd much rather let them lock naturally, however I was wondering if this would be a bad idea or conflict with the rest of my hair since 'm not dreading my whole head. Thank you guys so much !

09/14/12 02:57:46PM @kelly3:

Ah, I didn't read it properly.Apologies. I'm on board with Baba's suggestion.

Baba Fats
09/14/12 02:55:42PM @baba-fats:

I'd say just let the rest form naturally. It won't take as long as you may expect, since some are already done.

09/14/12 02:45:59PM @kelly3:

You should twist and rip your dreads, I reckon. It is the healthiest method, next to natural.

Baba Fats
09/14/12 07:55:19AM @baba-fats:

Never crochet you hair. Only wax is more damaging, and not by much.

There's no conflict in how it will effect the rest of your hair. Check out my pics. I back combed 2, TnR'd a few, and let the rest grow naturally. Once mature, you can't tell which was which.

Sometimes it looks really cool to just have random locks around your head. In due time you may decide to lock up the rest of your hair

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