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Dream. What Does It Mean?

user image 2014-11-02
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So yesterday I was driving home, and I guess I was a little close for comfort to the truck in front of me. 90% of the time, in the mountains, people will pull over and let you pass when you reach a turnout. The neo nazi pulled over and as I passed he yelled "SLOW DOWN N****R!!! We exchanged words and went our ways. I had a dream... Two actually...

#1. I was in a smoke shop and saw a HUGE tam. I asked the guy behind the counter, "How long til I can fit that one? 10 years?"

"I don't know. 20... 50..." he replied.

#2 I was with my mom again and possibly a friend I can't exactly recall. We were walking through a crowd of people and I realized we were at the Rainbow Gathering. My friend and mom weren't too thrilled but I was. I wandered off and when I was comfortable, I held out my arms and started flying just over the crowd. Someone yelled something at me, and while I don't recall what was said, negative or positive, I held my hand behind me and gave them a peace sign as I floated away.

So I guess I'm a long way from Nirvana... Or I need to calm down more...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/02/14 06:53:19PM @soaring-eagle:

think its sayin the paths this way, get on it

leave babylon behind and setyourself free to fly

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