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user image 2014-02-20
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I wanted dreadlocks in highschool, but I'd probably have cut them off early because at that time it seemed more like a fashion, as opposed to spirituality. I think a lot had to do with my love for herb. In short, dreadlocks looked cool and it was a stoner thing.

Now, it's so much more than that. I started my dreads before I started smoking again, so it's not a stoner thing for me anymore. It's a tattoo on my hair reminding me of spiritual growth.

4 months ago, I started asking around about dreadlocks, and found varying, sometimes contradictory information. I put wax in my hair, peanut-butter, and whatever else I thought would work. 1 month in, no progress, I was introduced to two awesome people. They sat me down and worked on my hair for an hour or so. I was told that the Rastafarians believe as their dreadlocks grow, they are lifted closer to heaven. I am finding that to be true. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to preach, I'm just telling my experience. Thank you for reading :) I'll get some pictures up soon.
02/20/14 06:28:26PM @drs:
Awesome. I'll order that stuff asap.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/20/14 06:09:18PM @soaring-eagle:

you should get the wax b gone then its very hard to get it all out without it

02/20/14 06:05:33PM @drs:
Still have a bunch of wax in my hair, but I'm going to try BS/ACV soon. They sectioned my hair, with rubber bands and backcombed it then palmrolled with wax. I used wax whenever my hair looked dry. Long story short, I ordered from dreadhead. Get this, I even considered toothpaste lol. Who knows what that would have done.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/20/14 02:04:26PM @soaring-eagle:

you should pit nothing in your haoir and not work on it

was the wax and peanut butter rekmoved?

what did those ppl do to them

dreads happen by allowing them to happen they dont need to be forced

Jamison Johnston3
02/20/14 01:50:53PM @jamison-johnston3:
Dude....peanut butter? HAHAHAHA!

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