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Wax B Gone works!!!!!!!!

5 years ago
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thank god for wax b- gone! Applied beeswax once because my dread setter told me it would be better, me having short locs. After crocheting and heaps of rubber bands I went home. I already had the crap in my bathroom closet. So I smeared the hideous stuff in there, cut out the rubber and went looking for dreading support on internet. I didn't really know what I was looking for, but I knew I needed right information. I started at facebook and went searching. I clicked "dreadlocks natty dreads" group and took a look at the members count. I knew some things about natty, but not the things I know now. My first idea was actually freeform dreading, but I had seen awful results from my cousin. I got scared and went crocheted. I didn't realise at the time, he didn't separate!


so I got into this natty group and posted my pics. In a matter of seconds Pete commented: "that wax will be in those dreads forever" and "sorry for the disappointment, but you'll better undread and start all over again" and "let your hair dread on its own from scratch"


it took some time but eventually I saw the truth. I didn't brush it out, but ordered wax b- gone and letting shipped to Belgium. In mean time I washed with blue dawn soap (witch I don't recommendation, as it doesn't work)


it took me about 8 intensive washed to get it out (only one use wax)


I've gone neglect since ever then. I happy and dreadlocks natty dreads group is the best that could ever happen to me!

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