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Dreads completely matted at roots?!

5 years ago
174 posts

I agree with Soaring Eagle and Tara, definitely a prevention problem. Do y'all have anyone who loves your locs like you do? If so just ask them to separate them for you! my best friend has dreads and we separate each others hair first thing whenever we meet up. Its a life saver. I have found that as my babes mature I dont need to separate as much. :) Peace and happy dreads to you all!!

updated by @corielaine: 07/23/15 09:52:26PM
5 years ago
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Thanks Tara and CoriElaine for the replies and advice!
Moon Raven
5 years ago
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I'm having the same problem with a mat on the upper back of my head & I've only started dreads about 7-9 days ago.

Since my hair has already started dreading so fast, never thought my super straight hair would, I'm super stoked!


Moon Raven.

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