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ideas for taming massive dread clumps

7 years ago
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i had a huge clump that i cut months ago because it was causing so much pain and pulling that i couldn't take it anymore. the ends tried to fold over again but i put a bead on it so it couldn't do it again and it worked.

the person who's had issues with this is sissemor. she cut her big clumps off because of mold though.

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7 years ago
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I have lumps at the end of some of my dreads, too. Mainly at the back. Seems like they scrunched up and knotted while I was sleeping. Rather than round lumps, they tend to be flat, like duck's bills. These dreads are also very short, compared to how long my hair was when startingjust like what happened to yours, Mama. They're not uncomfortable, so I'll wait and see how they go before I wrap them - thanks for the tip, Panterra. If this goes on I may end up with dreads of all different lengths. :)

4 years ago
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This is old news and all but I'm going through this exact same thing presently. How did any of you come through it??

4 years ago
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Are we supposed to do anything to prevent this from happening?

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