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Perfect example of the ignorance associated with dreadlocks...

4 years ago
27 posts
The page is clearly designed with malicious intent, it'd hard for me to find any humor in it... What makes it even less funny that it already is, is that it clearly shows how small-minded and unthoughtful people can be. The only ones on that list that don't carry some sort of obvious anger or distaste from the person posting it, are 10, 11, 15, 21, and 21 is from a dude with dreads...As much as I enjoy my dreads, stuff like this makes me quite annoyed, because it's a good example of how brash and forceful people can be with their very poor opinions. Even if you don't like white guys with dreads, just shut up and accept it, don't post mocking comments... I had some chick in a store a month or two yelling at me that I was "destroying black culture" by having dreadlocks, and basically followed me around taunting me. Not that I was EVER trying to emulate African Americans, their culture or whoever or whatever, but the majority of the compliments I get are from black people because they usually understand what is involved to get dreads. Stuff like this are the exact issues that hinders forward movement and progressive thinking, and I personally think the only benefit to trying to find humor out of something like this is to comfort our own ill feelings.
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4 years ago
41 posts
Irritating. Last set I had I was told not to, because im a "white girl".I don't feel at any point a human has the right to tell another human how they should look.
Jessica Reyes
4 years ago
24 posts
The post is supposed to be funny...i get it...what I DO find astonishing really ISNT the joke, but the ACTUAL real life comments that were used to make the joke. Obviously those are real and those people are so ignorant beyond wow. But the article in general I laughed. Lol. If you really think about it, the post isn't making fun of white guys with dreads...that's not what's funny...the post is making fun of those who make SUCH a big deal out if it. THAT is what's hilarious... Like why the hell is a white guy with dreads so freakin weird to you people?? That is what this article is about.
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