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Hello everyone! New with dreadlocks and it have some questions! :)

Andrea Slane
4 years ago
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I am about a month and a half in with my dreadlocks and my sister said that they are developing badly because I have some loose roots, about 3 inches with some, some loose hair that has fallen out of the dreadlocks, as well as some zig zags and curls going on. I haven't done much to them honestly since I started as I kind of wanted to not force them to be something, I want them to form into whatever they want to and develop without much intervention from me. If I attach some pictures can someone please let me know if they look like what they are supposed to about a month and a half in? Also, it's very hot here in AZ and people sweat a lot, my hair starts to smell funny (even though I'm the only one who seems to smell anything) on about the third day. How often should I wash them? I want to make sure my scalp is healthy. I would much appreciate Any answers or opinions! Thank you!
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4 years ago
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Sounds beautifully perfect to me. You should wash 1-3 times a week dependingI'm from AZ too!
4 years ago
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Yeah, the roots will lock up more in time... Looks good. You could wash every other day at max if you want to (that's what I have been doing for the last few months) but 1-3 days a week is usually sufficient.

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