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4 years ago
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Im planning on going on a hike through some woods around my area and I was just curious as to any precautions I should take. Im not planning on sticking to a trail, im going to do some exploring I guess you could say and wondered if i should put my hair up,cover it or just letit be based off of peoples experience.thanks in advance!
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Jenifer J
4 years ago
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well i don't know about the dreads, but i would take a map, headlamp, food, and water if you're going to be hiking off trail. though if i were in the northeast, wisconsin, northern cali, or other tick infested areas, I would probably cover it.

4 years ago
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Probably depends a lot on where you live. My boyfriend has had dreads for about 6 years now (we are in CO).. we go hiking/backpacking a lot & he never does anything special with them. I would personally cover them. Probably a mix of location & personal preference/paranoia.. haha. Happy hiking :)

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