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Anyone here who can be of's about a dream, or symbolism.

4 years ago
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So there I was...sitting in bed having just woken up from a very strange dream I felt...but I couldn't remember the dream no matter how hard I tried.

Some hours later I was sitting in my chair listening to random music, when I came across a song that I needed to youtube to see the video. It was from dethklok, toki's love song. Anyways, while watching it...he picked up a shield that had a rabbit on it. As soon as I saw the rabbit I had an instant flashback of the dream I was trying to remember. I still can't remember a good deal of the dream I feel, but I can remember the part that stuck out most me, the rabbit. It was weird. In the dream I was sitting outside and a rabbit came up to me. A multi-colored rabbit. whites, browns, greys, blacks, tans. Just one rabbit though. It nudged me and wanted me to pet it, so I did. It reacted unlike a rabbit. Somewhat like a mix between a cat and a dog. Or like a fox. This went on for a good while...thats where the dream, or memory of, fades back out to grey.

It left a profound lingering feeling inside me, and I don't know why. I've been trying to look up what it could mean, and while there are tons of interpretations about rabbits in dreams, I've yet to come across anything about how this dream went. Most of the things I've read involves many rabbits either running or hopping. Or certain colored rabbits doing this or that. Nothing remotely close to what was going on in this dream.

Does anyone here have and idea what it could mean? I normally wouldn't care, but like I said...I have this gravitational-like pull tugging me towards an answer. It feels important, and I have no idea why.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank ya!

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4 years ago
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Rabbit is a paradox. Leaping and hopping to get around. Changes occurring in 28 day increments. Unsteady. Rabbits are good at defense, despite being common prey. There's just so many of them. That's about all I can offer. Anything else I just read would only be a rant.

4 years ago
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Hmm.. Let me think on this for awhile.. This dream intrigues me. When you said reacted like a fox or cat/dog, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that it just sat there and let you pet it, and enjoying it?.. Or something else? Much love and peace to you! :D

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