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Dying Hair!

Shayla Waychoff
5 years ago
33 posts

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, depending on where you live!

My hair is currently half pink and half black. The pink is fading rather oddly and I'd like to have my hair all one color.

I know that people dye their hair with dreadlocks, I'm wanting to make sure I don't need to do anything else while dying it though! My little locs are babies at only one month, so I figure it won't be a problem. Just double checking, making sure I don't need to anything extra.

Thanks for taking time to read!

updated by @shayla-waychoff: 01/13/15 09:57:06PM
Shayla Waychoff
5 years ago
33 posts

I plan on just doing black, my natural hair color is a dark-ish brown so it'll transition well. Thanks for the advice! :)

Britany said:

i would avoid dying them until they mature a bit, i used regular hair dye and just didn't use the conditioner after, i noticed the chemicals really tightened them up too, i don't suggest dying them all the time but every few months is okay at least it was for me.

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