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Just an intro :D

5 years ago
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I just wanted to say a quick hello! I am still in my first week of neglect. I have toyed with the idea of dreads for about 7 years now and I feel like the journey finally chose me. I have done lots of research and knew that I wanted to go as natural as possible without any additional products. I did stumble upon this site about a year ago but the timing wasn't right. I have been (inconsistent) no-poo for about 2 years and this week I decided to stop brushing and go with it. I did a tiny piece tNr just as an experiment but want to let my hair just do it's thing.

My reasons for doing dreads are spiritual, and I feel like it's going to really bring something to my personal life that is lacking. Here is a picture of it today after a shower, it's a bit soft but I already have a couple chunks that are getting nice loops and knots! :) Thank you for this awesome community of knowledge and support!

-much love.

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