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Kelsey Cliche!
6 years ago
122 posts
Great timeline! That updo at ten months is so pretty!
updated by @kelsey-cliche: 07/23/15 08:15:06AM
6 years ago
92 posts

Did you TnR? Backcomb? Great looking dreads Brandy! :)

Brandy :]
6 years ago
106 posts

twistNrip, thankyou all so much :) i love you!

6 years ago
6 posts

Very Inspiring Brandy, Thankyou

6 years ago
200 posts

Looking at your hair and dreads actually inspired me to do the twist n rip method (: They are beautiful! Greattt progess!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

6 years ago
79 posts
gorgeous! so much beautiful progress!
Brandy :]
6 years ago
106 posts

ooooooh i like that comparison much better than mine :) i call them lobster

Steven Wind
6 years ago
62 posts

I love love LOVE your dreads! So amazing how they're turning out. I only hope mine are as awesome one day. Love the feathers, too, I've been collecting feathers whenever I find them when I'm walking places and have quite a few. Waiting til my dreads are more mature before figuring out a way to attach them to my hair. :)

6 years ago
10 posts

awesome timeline! and such a beautiful smile :)

Brandy :]
6 years ago
106 posts

thankyouu! <3

@Steven Wind- you are so incredibly kind! i put my feathers in with bead crimps, like when your making a necklace and your finishing off an end, you put a tiny crimp on there and use pliers to squeeze it shut...well use the same thing for your feathers, get a tiny peace of loose hair and put the loose hair and the feather through the crimp, the squeeze the crimp shut, and when you wanna take it out just squeeze the crimp the opposite way, or they will just naturally fall out like mine. orrr a safer way is to probably just tie it onto a dread with a string, like wrap a dread with whatever string and then attach the feather at the end. you can get creative with it.

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