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End to growing my hair N wanting to get dreadies-Thanks guys

7 years ago
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Hey guys,

Not trying to spread negativity, actually quite the opposite. Over the past 2 & a half years i've been growin my hair, it's gotten long over this time. Yet at the moment ill be honest and admit it looks like shit it's fuzzy etc.

I never ended up getting dreadies but would like to say a big thanks to everyone at the forum throughout my time on here for there support.

Overall I didn't end up getting dreads, & am kinda getting my hair cut for my brothers wedding (kinda for my mum and for when I finish my business degree) but all in all im kinda cool with it,

Though I guess this is my farwell to whoever reads it, at the moment im not feeling the dready vibe, yet to all you people starting out and and just growing you hair; go for it! I regret nothing about growing my hair, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain. Also at times your hair looks shit and you get use to this; so its kinda a overcoming experience.

Haven't cut my hair yet, but will within the coming week.

Goodluck to everyone with there dreadies, much respect.

Peace-Mike! :)

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