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10 years ago
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Sup All... new here and on a renewed journey to dreads... I have some "concrete" ideas as to why i feel so compelled to let my hair grow and lock up, and yet a big part of it remains mysterious . For both reasons i grasp and reasons i don't/won't lol, i am HERE and it's nice to have access to a community and network of info n discussion w/ folks sharing the dread experience. So big ups to everyone on that and i give out a welcome to everyone to contact me for whatever reason. So where i-m at hair is pretty short, i had shaved it late spring/early summer... since my hair's return lol i haven't combed or used conditioners or chemical's several inches long and i can see the beginning stages of dread formation occuring. One thing i am doing now as of the last few days (and learned from this site) is sleeping w/ a tight-fitting wool beanie (lil too snug for my head/hair/maximum comfort but it keeps it on at night while i sleep instead finding on the floor next to my bed lol). I am wearing it during the day as well, but not all day or everyday of course. I plan to find a more loose-fitting one to sport during the day. Ha i am wearing it in my pic where i'm holding my daughter, it kinda looks like a giant nug of herb lol. Anywayyy, this has pretty much solved the problem of my tossing and turning at night "combing" out coils and knots forming by the time i wake up in the morning. Best "dread product" out there imho haha. As a side-effect the wool seems to keep my hair feeling soft and less frizzy. If i need to i will utilize the baking soda wash but right now rinsing thoroughly w/ cold water is working well enough. I was concerned that not using a soap/shampoo would lead to my hair smelling bad but thus far i have not had this problem at all. Sweet. Well enough of my rambling, Bless up All! Lata~
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