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Hello and thanks for sharing your knowledge

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Just wanted to say hey and thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge and experience on creating healthy dreads!

I'm 6 weeks in and I didn't discover this site until after I had started dreading sadly. I went to a locktician because, through word of mouth, I heard that is what you are supposed to do. Two sessions and won't be going back. Feeling pretty bummed about it at this point, but I'm hoping my dreads aren't too damaged by what she did. Luckily, she hasn't overtighted my roots, but I have some loose spots in my dreads and some that thin near roots.

I can post pictures once I get some better internet, but I wanted to get some assurance on a few things.

Will shampooing and separating will be enough to fix the spots that didn't lock in the middle of my dreads?  My hair is very curly and the weak spots end up getting strong curls, so it makes my dreads look a bit weird, like bent, in spots.

Some of my dreads are going flat. I used to use crochet hook to fix them with palmrolling, but since that damages them, what can I do to fix the flat ones? They don't seem to be as tight as the other dreads, and I think they are going flat due to the fact that I sleep on them.

My dreads are very frizzy especially after showering. This is probably normal right? I just wash my roots and scalp, is this correct for baby dreads?

Thanks again for your time and energy on this forum!

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last year
42 posts and forget about them. Just wash with her shampoo and quit worrying about your locs. They will go through stages of change and work themselves out. And definitely forget the loctician.

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