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BS/ACV Recepies

Mikael Serres
5 years ago
10 posts

Hello !

I've been using the BS/ACV wash for about 3 weeks now ( 2 times a week ) and I just wanted to make sure My mix was good and if I'm doing everything fine.

BS -In a big bowl I add:

1/2 cup of baking soda for 10 cups of warm water

6 drops of tea three oil, 7 drops of lavender oil and 7 drops of rosemary oil

I poor the mixture over my head and let it sit for about 12 minutes then rinse everything out with cold water

After that comes

Apple Cider vinegar:

1/4 of ACV for 8 cups of warm water

7 drop of rosemary (again for th smell)

Pour it over my head, let it sit for 10 mins then rinse everything out with cold water.

Today I'll go buy Rosewood and peppermint oil.


updated by @mikael-serres: 01/13/15 09:56:17PM
Laura Earle
5 years ago
233 posts

Does your hair feel thoroughly cleansed after soaking in the BS mixture for 12 minutes? If not, try leaving it on a bit longer. Most people here say to leave it on for at least 20, and I found that it doesn't do its magic for me until at least a half hour has passed. It's as good as any dread soap, but you have to give it time!

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