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Suffering, the one thing that we all have in common.

Caleb William Hart
8 years ago
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Hello my dread passionate friends! I was doing some reading earlier about Buddhism, and I read the writings of a famous buddhist who's name escapes me as of right now. Anyway, he was talking about a very eye opening subject and I thought some of you who may be going through some hard times might enjoy the idea, it certainly helped me a lot.

In the writings, he spoke of suffering. Suffering, in my opinion is the one thing that every single human being on the planet earth has in common. No matter what level of suffering it may be, it is inevitably there. If you think of it this way, it can help you to understand the people around you a little better.

If opinions of things such as religion, politics, war, etc. are brought up, you often find the situation can get heated, and cause fights and arguments. Bring up the suffering of other people, and it most often brings forth a man (or woman's) more compassionate tendencies.


Suffering does in fact exist

Suffering does in fact have meaning

There is a path to the end of suffering

Suffering will end

Thank's for sparing some time to read, I hope you learned a little something or at least enjoyed it, by no means am I an expert of Buddhism, but I certainly found this idea very intriguing!

- Caleb (The Rat)

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