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Some one reassure me please :)

ashley walker
6 years ago
35 posts

I ring my hair out after I'm out of the shower then i squeeze with a towel just its damp, then ill just blow dry the rest and yeah thanks :)

updated by @ashley-walker: 07/23/15 05:23:09AM
6 years ago
12 posts

you should really be doing that once a week, and break not cut, broken hairs have rougher edges and will pull back into your dreads easier than cut ones with smooth edges. leave your dreads be they will strengthen up again, but try to separate once a week i find first thing out of the shower is easiest :)

Blessed Earth Mama
6 years ago
72 posts

I don't see anything wrong in the picture you shared but it is hard to tell. I agree with everyone else and makesure you are seperating them all the time. So they don't ever get bad and then for the most part you should never need scissors. Whenever I feel like itI just search around my head with my hands andrip apart hairs that are getting sucked into dreads they shouldn't be in. If that makes sense...

And I am not sure what is considered the proper stuff here but I would never put olive oil in my hair... It is just so heavy and stinky. Unless someone else here says otherwise I would go for coconut oil. But any oil is the same with trying to be careful not to overdo it. They will all make you feel greasy. And me personally I never put in in my first set of dreads (which I had for 4 years). I just never thought I would want that in them. And with this second set I kinda feel the same way, although you never know.

Hopefully everything will be ok for you, scissors are just a scary way to go IMO though. You have to becareful that you are only cutting the parts of the seperate dreads that are stuck together. Not any area that is actually coming out of your scalp because I think that could potentially cause problems..

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