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Looking for a Tam

Giuliano Pagano
14 years ago
55 posts
Hi, I've been looking for a tam recently and after taking a look on Etsy I couldn't really decide on what I wanted. Does anyone here make tams? If you do maybe I could buy one off you, my dreads are medium length I guess, but really thick and poofy. (I'll add a picture at the bottom of this post) Generally I'm looking for earthly colors like brown, tan, white, green, black. Preferably I'd like it made from wool.
updated by @giuliano-pagano: 01/19/15 11:13:35PM
meg ☮
13 years ago
92 posts
There's people here that make tams. You can check out the dread shops page to see some of what the members here can make :) And keep looking on Etsy! There are so many there that make tams.
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