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Is my hair just dreading slow?

Seth L.
5 years ago
9 posts

So i started this jounrey, idk, late june of 2012? so i think it's been around a good 8-9 months. I wash with BS/ACV rinse once or twice every week. I have a very very very mild dandruff issue. When i look around on the site and see others dreads, they seem much much more matured and thicker than mine. I Have a few t&r ones throughout my hair and one backcombed dread. Is there anything that im doing wrong or can do to make it go a little faster, or is it just time and patience?

Hair before, very very old picture, when it started dreading it was bigger and even poofier, just for refence :P:

My hair now:

updated by @seth-l: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
5 years ago
597 posts

some just takes a bit more time than others & your hair may have had to grow a bit before it got into the swing of things. i think it's looking great! mine took a long while to get moving, & it still has a lot of undready look to it, but it will get there & be well worth the wait.

Diego F.
5 years ago
73 posts

it's like Ixchel said...

i have perfect hair for dreading [very curly and thick hair] and even having good hair, and doing everything alright my progress is slow... now at nearly 10 months the things are accelerating... but until last month i still had lots of sections of normal hair...

I remember that i saw a lot of timelines that in no time the hair of people was looking like dreads, and my curly thick hair was looking and feeling like normal hair for a long time [it still don't look like dreadlocks at all], but what can i do? Nothing... Only patience and time will do its job.

just be patient, the more you wait, the more proud in the end you will be.

Call Tucker
5 years ago
27 posts

I thought the first, "before" pic was your hair now. haha I was ab to be like your doing something wronnggg...haha but yeah yo dreadies are comin along just fine.

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