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Why u have them

7 years ago
45 posts
So what made u guys dread ur hair? For me it's more of a journey and a lifestyle. I've met a lot of people who did it cuz it was popular or because there favorite singer or guitarist has them. But for me it's for knowlage, a knowlage of time and hoe long we actually have on this earth untill are spirit is released. It dosent matter what people say to me about cutting them or getting rid of them in any way I don't care any more I'm my own person. I'm not everyone else, IM ME! I just have one more thing to say, I hope win I die my sprit haz dreads:);)
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Kane Anderson
7 years ago
11 posts
I got dreads cause they look awesome and they help with my kickboxing by working like a built in head gear
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