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What does your dreadlocks mean to you ?

11 years ago
1 posts
I'm 7 months in on my dread journey. At first I wanted to try dreads for something new. Now it's become an important journey for me,It really lit up my life :) I'd like to hear what your dreads mean to you? What has your journey been like ? One love to you all.
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Laura Earle
11 years ago
233 posts

My journey was inspired by three things, actually!

1. The desire to let go of my vanity (some of it, anyway) -- I wanted to learn how to accept things as they were.

2. The desire to master patience -- I've always been a very impatient, tempermental person, so yeah.

3. The desire to put down roots -- This is purely symbolical, but still. Shortly after I started dreading, I moved away from a bad situation and to a town where I'd like to start over and establish a new life. Put down roots, if you will.

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