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News from a newbie dreaddy accordion girl !

11 years ago
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Hello my friends

I have just took new photos ( my kids did it for me:) my babe dreads are now 4 months old

What a daily journey, i love it !

Seasalt is useful, sleeping.. making love !... but what i found helped the most is beads and little sections wrap with hem.. it created a kind of natural knot (congestion) begining a dread like that..

This is a marvel of every day, feeling , hearing the hair grow, breath, feeling the wind as wings, bathing in the rain, touching elements from so close.. connecting to earth (as a good little taurus !)

Here is my sharing time with you my friends, adding some photos


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Tara C
11 years ago
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They're looking great, the beads are nice too :)

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