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Anybody have toddlers with dreads?

Niesje Sigrid
5 years ago
56 posts

I have a 2 year old girl, Faye. Her hair dreads on it's own so well. I'm constantly battling her hair to keep out the tangles and it sections nicely. But she's so dirty! Every night I give her a bath and wash her hair. After the bath I apply leave in conditioner and comb it through. Even after washing, when I comb in the conditioner I comb out food and gunk from the day. I wonder if anybody else dreaded their toddler's hair and had any problems keeping it clean? I don't want her to have any issues with dread rot. Any advice? If I knew I could keep it clean, I would throw away our comb right now, cuz her hair really wants to dread. I'm sick of fighting what it wants to do!

updated by @niesje-sigrid: 01/13/15 09:50:59PM
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