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The Dyeing of the Dreads! What Color Are Yours?

Casey Fay
5 years ago
90 posts

I color my dreads with henna. I use Henna Hut which is so safe it is recommended by the Cancer Society for those who have had cancer.It does not dye any colorbut shades of red, brown, or black. no blond. I have colored my hair with it for three years, and I love it. Mix with water, apply, wait one hour and rinse. The one down size is it is permanent . It can never be taken out. Nor does it wash out. All I do is touch up the roots whenever I feel like it. I have only baby dreads, but I do not see any problems as they mature. I love my deep red dreads.

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Erika Lenne
5 years ago
5 posts

I used to bleach my dreads but now i stopped and want to get back normal haircolor, at least in roots. I have dyed my dreads pink and red with cool aid. It took only 2 mins to prepare and few more mins to dye and rinse out. The color is very strong and it goes away in few weeks. I tried washable colors and shampoos, they just arent as good and always end up being orangy red on my dreads. I really want to dye one dread blue, but cant find a color what doesnt make my hair green...

5 years ago
95 posts

natural dark brown, bleached to medium/light blonde :) I use normal box bleach at home - I dont trust anyone to touch my dreads (apart from my boyfriend who helps with the back). I have a few in pink/ turquoise/ blue all from directions mixed with conditioner :)

it's fun, but I'd suggest bleaching at least before hand.. bleaching dreads is one of the hardest things I've ever done

Nina "Darth Valkyrja" Marley
5 years ago
6 posts

I have been dying my dreads for all 3 1/2 years I have had them, but I don't use bleach. I just used the high lift colors (I have a dark/ash brown color naturally) intitially, and a lower level to keep the color after that. I dye them once every 3 months. I wash the length of dreads only when I dye them, but wash my scalp and growth area once a week (I gather the hair loosely in the back of my head and then make a bun and wrap in a plastic bag), so maybe once every month and a half will I do the roots, then sleep in a protein mask. As you can see in the latest photos, my hair is a very bright red right now. Since I keep the dreads themselves very clean between dye jobs, it extends the time I can go between each dye. My mother also specializes in color and colored natural hair care in her salons, so that also helps me make sure I never damage my babies :)

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