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Going to salon to shorten dreads in the future?

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Hi, I've been developing dreads using Sponge method(only used water-based gel in the early stages), finger twisting and just conditioning my hair w/ coconut oil for about 4 months now and making pretty good progress so far. Although I probably won't have to deal with this until quite a bit into the future because my hair has always been slow to grow, I love the short dreads look more than long dreads and it just suits me(also easier to get away with from my dad). As much as this site is against salons, when my dreads are more matured and start to get too long to my liking(probably no longer than eyebrow level) would it be fine to go to a salon to get my dreads clipped, re-twisted to prevent potential unravelling without damaging them since I always hear that being a problem with cutting dreads. Hopefully it'd never get to that point because I always struggled getting an Afro before but if it did would it be a bad idea?

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... I know what you're going through, Sync.  My husband wrestled with the idea of keeping his locks short as well. As his grew, he realized that each dread look on a life of its own, and he began to value their length.  Now, he wouldn't think of cutting them because he feels a deep connection to them.  Having dreads is a journey, as they grow you may change your mind.  Nurture them.  Wait a while and see how you feel about them later, as they grow.

A salon only exists to make a buck.  If you are an adult, no one's opinion should matter other than your own.

You will find many forums here on how others grew, not just their dreads, but as people too! Laugh

Be Well! ♥ R☮ZE ✌️

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix
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