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If you're thinking about using dread wax or just wondering why it's so bad, read this!

Sometimes just saying "wax is bad" isn't enough to convince people. I understand that! Sometimes we just need to see for ourselves. That's why I thought we needed a place to show people that are new to the site or are wondering what's the big deal when it comes to using dread wax. Are we all anti-corporate activists or being overly dramatic? Are we all just"haterz?". No! We hate wax for good reason.It's because we see so many people everyday fall into the waxy trap of lies that companies like DHHQ and Knotty boy are spreading around the internet. We want you to have healthy dreads that will last a lifetime. We're not trying to sell you anything and have no ulterior motives. So weather you decide to wax or not is ultimately your choice but you should at least be well informed of the risk.

dreadheadhq dread wax NEVER comes out

This is a thread started by a member who waxed sparingly and then spent a full year trying to recover from it. He did wax removal 2x per week and still couldn't get it out. He cut his dreads off and has some pretty disturbing picture evidence to share with us as well as some words of wisdom.

So I cut my "wax-locks" off a couple of days ago .

Here is another testimonial from a member who learned about wax the hard way

for every dread jonny clean of dreadheadhq ruins dreadlockssite saves 1 from dread wax

Another dissatisfied DHHQ customer who had to shave her head, while pregnant due to wax

dreadheadhq dreadwax used once regretted forever never wax dreads

Another person had to comb out their dreads after only using wax once

dread wax dreadlocks and wax free dreadlocks real life comparison and experience

This is someone who has been on both sides. Having one set of waxed locks that had to be cut off and now having great product free dreads to compare

What Knotty Boy Wax has done to my "Dreads"

Another member struggling with wax


Hi everyone!

Here's another member who had a previous set of waxed locks and now is thrilled with their beautiful product free dreads

my bald conclusion on wax

Another first hand testimony on dread wax.

Dread wax buildup and stiff old dreads.

This is a thread by someone who waxed and then cut their dreads off complete with pictures
dreadheadhq ruined my hair! just 1 more head shaved due to dreadheadhq dread wax

These are some pictures of waxed dreads that have been cut open to reveal the filth and wax trapped inside

why are you against johnny cleans methods and products

dreadheadhq scores an F rating with the better business bureau

Here is a review from the better business bureau grading DHHQ an F on their reliability report. Not only do they sell a harmful product but they are a slimy greedy company as well. Johnny Clean doesn't care about your dread health he only cares about making a buck selling you one product after another to counter act the last one you bought.

former dreadheadhq supporter now working on a dread wax removal soap for dreadlockssite

This is a pretty interesting post. It seems there a quite a few former DHHQ supporters that are less than thrilled with the outcome of Johnny's products on dreads. Two of these former supporters are now working on a new dread soap that helps remove the waxy buildup from your dreads. Good Job Guys!!

This is the TRUTH about wax

i have a question about dreadwax yes im asking it here lol

knotty jonny clean from dreadheadhq faces those who were harmed by dread wax! there was anger but communication prevailed, jonny clean admitted to finding wax did build up in dreads and prevent the formation of knots.

update months went by, knotty jonny clean kept claiming he would update his page, include info on wax free dreads, and offer free wax removal to anyone who asked as well as include it in kits. eventualy communication broke down when it became clear he was all talk and no action. to this day many months later, nothing on his site has changed, and he still sells wax knowing it is harmful without a doubt.

What I have learned in nearly 2mos. of dreading...

Dreading without the use of products is a beautiful learning experience. It's meant to be stress free and fun. Adding products like wax and a strict maintenance routine can completely ruin the experience so you're spending more time on your hair than you did before dreading.

this was written by a hairdresser with over 30 years experience with hair and can be considered a real hair expert.


Here on dreadlockssite we a have group that's completely dedicated to those that have waxed and are doing their best to recover from it. You can find tips and read others personal experience. dread wax recovery

the dreadlockssite wax free guarantee

please, link to this page, in every blog about dreads, on dreads forums, anywhere dreadlocks are discussed so the truth be known!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/08/12 04:26:35AM @soaring-eagle:

wow corey i never saw your comment and that was so long ago but im so sorry you dreaded t honour your sons wishes only to be a victim of the wax mess..

well to answer if y0u didnt melt in and did try to wash it out imedietly after waxing then your probly not in too terible of shape and i would still try to do wax removal to be safe but sounds like as soon ass u put it on you felt gross and tried to get it out so i imagine u scrubbed like crazy

funny thing is your a beekeeper

u shoulda known wax in your hair wasnt a great idea u work with it dailt haga and..altho hunny in dreads isnt to smart either that woulda been easier to get out at least

so sorry it took so long to reply

but i'll assume we already got ya straightened out so my reply is pointless

just didnt want u to feel ignored for so long we have over a million pages its hard to keep up if i dont see a post right away

12/01/11 02:31:30PM @jeni:

Hello Everyone, and please forgive me; I was raised by wolves and my internet savvy is pretty much nil.

Recently did my dreads (I had over 26" of hair to beegin with so did back comb). They look great! My worry is, after reading all this, is that I did wax them, ONCE. I can't even feel any wax in them at all and I didn't use much at all. As a fatter of mact, they felt so awful after I waxed them that I immediately climbed in the shower and washed them with some Dr Bronner's. Should I bee worried? I'm thinking they are going to bee alright (please forgive the extra e in be; we're beekeepers and it's a nasty habit to add the extra e. Most beekeepers are very much nerds, but we like it that way) Mine are super thin and in honor of my son. Tried to do his wishes justice and honor his memory since he isn't around on the physical plane any longer. Once I figure out how to post a picture (I still do 35 mm picture taking. Hey, don't laugh, I got a cd player about 2 years ago, I'm coming along) I'll get a photo up, but now I'm worried reading here I'm going to have to start all over again. Best to all and I apologize if I've made some sort of internet faux pas by posting on an old...thread? Is that the right word?

Big Big Love


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/16/10 11:42:36PM @soaring-eagle:
i did a lil edit

Perro Sato
08/19/10 06:16:17PM @sarah10:
yes! good idea!! I've basically just been typing wax or something similar in the forum search engine and looking over everything that comes up. I've been away for a few days so I haven't gotten to work on it much lately. I would appreciate any help though! :o) Thank You! You're the best!! <3

Lachlan Smith
08/16/10 10:43:48PM @melanie3:
have you looked in the older discussions? i can scour a section that you haven't looked in yet if you'd like assistance.also, the only other thing i'd add to the link is putting a description that it's a thorough explanation from a 30 year + hair expert in replying to persistent pro wax users, or something like that.

Perro Sato
08/13/10 04:27:15PM @sarah10:
Thank You so much MZ that's exactly what I need! That's a good one too. I'm sure there needs to be more examples and I'll continue to look for more if any thing else pops out at you or anyone else let me know and I'll add it! Many Thanks

Lachlan Smith
08/13/10 04:03:08PM @melanie3:
I know you're still working on the page, but in case you don't have the link: Panterra's epic answer to the debate "why are you against johnny cleans methods and products"

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