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dread balling, or dreadballing is the process of creatting aknotted ball and tucking it into the roots.

to dreadball or not to dreadball? what should i do?

dreadballing is not as harmful as many other methods however it isnot at all necessary, and does have some drawbacks with fewadvantages.
1: dreadballing controls loose hairs near the scalp (is this anadvantage? or disadvantage? read on!)
2: when you try to control the loose hairs at the scalp, you leavethe scalp exposed to sunlight which can lead to sunburns even skincancer.
3: loose hairs at the scalp also have another purpose, they createdread babies, dreads that form by themselves between existingdreads cause a thicker looking head of dreads without the gaps many"made" dreads tend to have.

how to dreadball

simply twist and twirl the loose hairs into a ball, then tuckinto the loose roots.

notice in the above video, his dreads have gaps of exposed scalpbetween the dreads? that should normally be covered with shortprotective hairs. these hairs will dread by themselves when theyreach the right length. this is not something that needs to be"fixed" it is just part of dreading.

you are welcome to continually fix what is not broken, that iswhy we present this guide, but dreadballing is really not worth theeffort.

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02/14/12 12:14:08AM @allan-welch:

You mean my Dreads can have Baby dreads...Awww how cute i'm going to be a Father LOL

Sook Ki
07/26/11 08:43:50AM @gabby-henault:

Honestly, when my dreads lock up nice and close to the roots like that, I won't even think of maintenance anymore. I haven't done anything to them (except wear 'em up and put some beads here&there)since I formed them with twist and rip almost 4 months ago but I still have inches of undreaded root which is the only reason I've been looking into maintenance&gathering as much info as possible before I even decide to touch my hair again.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/26/10 12:47:39PM @soaring-eagle:
ive never paid fopr a haircut in my lifeid cut my oewn when i did cut itbut when young i decided to never cut again and i'm sticking with thati do look at my shadow sometimes and if a dread baby is sticking uip weird ill flatten it down but thats about it

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/26/10 11:19:53AM @soaring-eagle:
totally agree ive never done anything to mine except washing and separating i even stopped separating for a year 1/2i could never imagine spending hours crocheting rolling rubbing worrying about every hair dreads are freedom from all that.. i love waking up and running out without pausing to look in a mirror

10/24/09 05:07:01PM @dandan:
I near knocked myself out on a regular basis trying to get loose hairs to knot in....I gave up ages ago, I'm just glad that what you've said here gives me 'permission' to do that. : ) I'm lazy and never enjoyed dread maintenance anyway.

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