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dread wax removal is finally possible remove dread wax products

dread wax can finally be removed!

New more effective dread wax remover  from makers of the best dreadlocks shampoos.

Dread wax can finally be removed!

Yea I know you may be thinking, couldn't it always? well the answer is no, many people have tried many things to remove dread wax including but not limited to:
boiling the dreads (very dangerous)
other heat sources
tons of soap and hours of scrubbing (dreadheadhq and knotty boy soaps dawn dish soap laundry detergents u name it)
apple cider vinegar soaks (undiluted)
industrial strength solvents (all natural though like gunk out or dissolve it)
and finally cutting or combing out

the results of years and years of washings scrubbing boilings and every other possible attempt to remove wax still left wax trapped in the core

you can see here the result left behind after years of wax removal attempts. the person who these dreads belong to was convinced beyond a doubt that there was no way possible the dread wax remained in the dreads after 4 years of washing

warning: clicking the picture opens a much larger close up view that may cause nightmares until you manage to get all the wax out

please note these dreads were waxed only 4 times, and much less then the recommended amount was used. all waxing is over waxing since no wax should ever me used.

the interesting thing was, the dread pictured (4 years old) wasn't as dreaded as it appeared! the hair was glued together with sticky wax

the dread, after being cut apart and disected was palm rolled only once and it glued itself back together

hope for waxy dreads has arrived!

note-The body splash info was removed, not because it was not effective, but because the new wax remover is more effective at 1/2 the cost.

we have been educating the masses on the dangers of dread wax however thousands of dreads a year still get cut due to wax.

We now have a brand new citrus based all natural dread wax remover!


The Ultimate Cure For Removing Wax From Dreads

Finally the ultimate cure for removing hair destroying WAX. Introducing, WAX B-GONE the super safe and all natural solution, that rescues your dreads from dangerous smothering dread starter kit wax. WAX B-GONE is totally natural made from plant based ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals. Just work some WAX B-GONE into that nasty wax and set your dreads free leaving a hint of fresh citrus and mint. Your hair needs to breathe and be conditioned to stay healthy and waxing prevents that from happening! In fact, wax causes water to be trapped in your dreadlocks, resulting in mold, mildew and eventual loss of your dreadlocks from rot. How you start your dreads is very important. Don't give up! First, get the wax out. Second, wash with Lock In Up Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo to remove any remaining residue. Third, a little rip and twist with some Lock Magic Locking Gel and your on your way to happy, healthy dreadlocks. For the best info go to


Ingredients: distilled water, decyl glucoside (natural corn oil & natural plant     sugar), lauryl glucoside (natural coconut oil & natural plant sugar), sea salt, organic essential oils of orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit & mint.

Directions: dampen dreads, apply 2  finger fulls of Wax B-Gone onto dread, massage into dread thoroughly, leave on 5 minutes and rinse out with hot water, repeat treatment for heavy wax buildup. Shampoo with Lock In Up Dreadlock Shampoo to remove any remaining residue.

dreads being cut off due to the use of dread wax has become epidemic thousands of dreads a year are cut due to wax thousands of others walk around thinking "i cant feel it in there so its not in there" only to find the entire dread core is more hardened festering wax then hair.

dread wax does nothing good for dreads only harm but wax pushers lie and fake evidence to prove it helps. they refuse to admit thousands of angry dreadheads (now baldheads) ever complain they blame you for overwaxing even though they tell you to use 4 times more then you did.
one single use will remain in your dreads forever
but the kind folks at care more about your dreads then making a buck we have found a solution that we hope will finaly get all the wax out and we hope for the day that we dont need to ever sell any wax remover because noone ever puts wax in dreads.
dreads dread 3 times faster without wax
wax is waterproof residues that never wash out
dirt gets trapped in wax so never come clean
wax is the number 1 cause of dread loss and dread rot/

The new wax remover should be 100% effective please post reviews!

The 1st tests are in, however the testing was done on beeswax not dread wax, and that makes it extra hard to remove.

The results  are very promising!

It should be much more effective on dread wax removal.

Heres the results and the 1st reviews

Anna Barrett
03/09/14 02:46:02PM @anna-barrett:

Thanks for the info.

melodee m brandon
05/20/13 10:51:08PM @corinna-paton:

is this the current solution for removing wax from your locs? and if so has anyone tried this and it worked?

09/10/12 04:34:30PM @fleen:

does this work on bees wax as well as other dread waxes

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/12 05:19:43PM @soaring-eagle:

theres a new wax remover coming out hopefuly today and i'll update this it should work on all waxes and be more effective then the body splash

Cheryl Tallent
02/22/12 03:05:15PM @cheryl-tallent:

I wonder if this will make my dreads unravel? They are almost 2 years old. How much body splash do you need to use, like the 500 ml bottle or just spraying the dreads? I'm wondering how much to buy. But I'm only worried about them falling apart because I had a dream about it :) I just really want them to be softer and not stiff at all.

jonathan Peers1
12/20/11 12:45:34PM @kalie-ann-lynch:

Will this work on Dax Wax?

Some one confirm please

11/08/11 08:34:34AM @tuuli:

Ya know, I WOULDA used the Body Splash if it wasn't so damn expensive and I had more of a budget than $655.00 a month so don't be bashin'! And, how do I know the Body Splash even works? I don't and I'm not paying that money just to find out it doesn't work!

10/21/11 05:10:43PM @tuuli:

Walmart does not carry De-Solv-It! I looked today and only found Goo Gone. DO NOT USE IT!

Ben Winans
05/26/11 12:15:24AM @dreadlockin:

@Jennifer Rose I wish you and your family lots of love. I hope you and yours feel better!

Brightest Blessings,


Stephen Hovater
05/25/11 08:40:35AM @diego-chavarria:

I just wanted to make a public service announcement lol since several people had emailed me asking about it... I'm the maker of the all natural vegan wax remover shampoo (Knotty & Nice All Natural dread products, I am pretty sure we have our etsy shop listed in the shops page here as well as on Facebook) I'm taking a bit of a vacation due to family emergency/personal illness, had many issues keeping up with orders and I didn't want to let my customers down, so I took a break so that I can resolve the other stuff and not have it interfere with my business. However I WILL be back soon - this is only temporary. Sorry for any confusion about that!



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