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Second Month Update

user image 2012-06-07
By: Dee4
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So my dreads are going to be two months in a few days the ninth to be exact. Started washing with acv/bs and my head feels so fresh and so clean clean :). I love them so much mostly my sides have locked pretty well the lower part of the head in the back is a little loose. I am not sweating it to much just letting nature take it course. I live in a very small border town maybe 400-500 residents and next town is about 1000 residents. People are starting to notice my dreadsand have been asking question or wanting to touch themno doubt I recommend them to this site and give some little info I have learned from here. Hopefully one day there will be more of my townies with dreads that would be so awsome so far one guy is intrested and is letting his hair grow. Well it is time for me to end this blog I have a weeding to attend this weekend and need to pack. I promise I will upload photos very soon. Thank you for reading and catch you all later on.

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