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Dana Hance


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Just Me

user image 2009-10-12
By: Dana Hance
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I am not whoever you want me to be. I am and will always be just me; just like I am, never to change inside, only to grow and become more. I will continue to love the precious gift of life and wouldn't put anothers below my own. Although I cannot follow the path of repugnance nor live in a world of guilt, I am not perfect and I do not claim to be any such thing. If there is no understanding or belief from you by now, there will never be. Life is too short for me to sit here to repeat and explain.My purpose here is very pronounced and can be seen by so many others who I've not yet met. And for the ones who have loved me could never forget. I have hardly begun to affect the lives of the ones who believe there's more.I have no powers and cannot force love inside of you. I cannot make you someone you have never seen and I can't change your demeanor to suit my needs. There is no ownership between human beings we all will live in any way we choose to be!And I choose to beAlways and Forever. . . just me:)written by:Dana Hance
Naja Sage
07/28/10 02:40:16AM @naja-sage:
good stuff

10/22/09 02:10:01AM @harlene:
cool . :)

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