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And So It Begins

By: CzCacher
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After thinking about it forever (I over think everything) I've decided to start my dread journey. I have medium-length hair that is pretty boring. It's not straight but I have a tendency to style the shit out of it to make it appear straight. It's not curly but I sometimes use curl creme or salt water spray and let it air dry to get my naturally wavy/puffy/frizzy locks to do something other than sit in a big puff around my head.I love the look of partial dreads and will be sectioning out the underneath layer of my hair today once it has dried.My personal preference is for varied dread sizes so I'm not too worried about a uniform sectioning. I'm going to braid the individual sections to get a sense of their relative size and then I'll start TnRing away. I love the look of dreads underneath that can be used to tie back the unlocked hair or can peek to with beads, coils or just on their own.
02/09/13 04:51:56PM @czcacher:
You and me, both. I am already reaching around for more to start... Love the way it looks already!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/09/13 03:31:34PM @soaring-eagle:

yaknow im 100% sure u will let the rest dread within a year

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