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Starting my Dreadlocks

By: Cupcakegabbi
Posted in: New Dreads

Hello Everyone, So I am starting my dreadlock Journey. I am using the twist and rip method and it is taking forever! lol which is what i expected since i have so much hair and i already knew getting dreads was going to be something that takes time and patience. I was actually Just wondering if anyone had any advice to give me for starting out. Like what kind of shampoo to use? Where i can find essential oils locally? I have 4 or 5 sections twisted and ripped and knotted up. I was wondering how i can go about keeping the knots there while they lock up and just little things like that. Im really excited to start this journey. and can't wait to share it with all of you. 

Thank you. 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/29/16 12:54:59PM @soaring-eagle:

srry seeing this lil late

wrapping does keep them together, slows dreading but prevents undreading ..the biggest issue is they cannot thicken

you will get thin tails from thick roots

i had dozens of wraps in (natural not tnr) early on and they did have very thin tips  and were 3 times thicker above where the wraps were

theres no need to worry about keeping knots in cause you never had to put knots in to begin with.. if they unknot.. they will re-knot all on their own

and if your tired from putting in tnr dreads then just stop..having that much hair means they will dread awesomely naturally
07/21/16 07:36:32AM @fozbee:

Hello, a welcome from England! I'm not an expert but I will also vouch for Mr Eagle, love that dude!! from what I gather for neglect dreadlocks get em wet and let em dry as often as possible, no towels nothing but a bit of a shake and all natural residue free shampoo, but for twist and rip holding I'm not so sure! Have you read through the dreaducation page? searching the forums can take a while cause this site is so huuuuge! but can be well worth it! 

The only bit of first hand knowledge I can offer though is my girlfriend has a few twist and rip dreads in and she wraps them or rather winds thread around them...

she also does over things but I ill not even mention them cause they're rubbish and responsible for my last attempt at dreadlockings failure! but the thread winding I seem to recall being mentioned elsewhere on here as a good thing.

however I would wait for the true knowledge from Mr Eagle!! or pm him, is there a twist and rip group on here too??

07/20/16 07:49:43PM @irie:

Welcome, you've found the best place to be :]

To answer some of your questions for starting new dreads you should be using liquid shampoo, once they mature up switch to the solid bars.
Also more information of that type can be found at

I cant answer to keeping your tnr knotted maybe someone else will have better information for you.
One the that is important I've learned recently is do not towel dry your hair, air dry is best and the less you do to it the better off you'll be.

Everyone here is very nice and helpful so any questions you have dont hesitate to ask.
soaring eagle is a source of infinite knowledge on the subject.

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