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Just starting out.....

user image 2011-03-29
By: Chris Luttrell
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So I have really been wanting to put dreads in my hair, thought I could look up maybe a salon here in Indianapolis, In. Naturally like everything else I googled it and read a post on yahoo that was a reply to my same question, someone refered that person to DIY and try the twist and rip method and to check out this site... After about an hour or so looking it over, reading post and replys while trying to work on my first lock at the same time, for starters the method seems to be working very well, second everyone on this site seems to be compleatly amazing and very nice willing to help each other, that is beautiful within itself. Just wanted to share my first thoughts, looking foreword to sharing pics and chatting with everyone in this community!Thank you!Peace!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/30/11 12:20:34AM @soaring-eagle:

ongrats!1 and so glad u skipped the salon that would be a real bad idea

i havent posted on yahoo in ages (was it my post? lol) but thats kinda a real bad place for dread info usualy most replies are more for entertainment value to relieve bordeom but u do get a rare serius answer..i triesd to do that for awhile but the site got too busty so i stopped..just preffering to answer here instead

but hey if u can handle yahoo answers maybe when u gain some experience here u xan answer questions there (and refer ppl here hehe)

welcome to the community (or family wichever ya prefer)

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