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Bob Marley

By: Ching-Ching
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Ive got my locks 2 years ago Finally after searching facts to fixed my decision inside my head i finally had it.

I was so happy and contented with it Such a mesmerizing feeling to free and purify my soul in this way

But as i walk on the street people calling me BobLMAO People who are ignorance about it. They dont think twice in saying such hepocracy in their words

What should i say to this people who are blinded by it

09/19/13 01:50:32AM @oneal:

i get called tarazan i like it tho lol doesnt bother me at all

08/06/13 09:16:01PM @ching-ching:

Hahaha.... that would be a tough one for me to glance at them at shout those words.. I just ignore ignorant people... I dont even know why they have to talk that way...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/06/13 10:37:16AM @soaring-eagle:

your a girl

bob was a well known womanizer who had multiple women at once

so just say bob marle\y wishes he had breasts like these


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