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Excited :D

By: Cavewoman
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So some of you might know that while the top of my head is tnr, the bottom half of my head didn't stay too well. most of the hair came out and are now sectioning in their natural positions (makes me happy to at least have half a head of neglect locs)I've tried to refrain as much as a can from touching this hair, just now I looked at them in a mirror and actually had to separate some of them :DIt may not have been much but it was something, and it means these bottom ones might actually be starting to knot!Still have to stop myself from touching them, but that shouldn't be too hard unless I'm putting my hair up.OH! and question if anyone knows the answer.Do you think the bottom tnr possibly didn't stay because when I take of my necklaces, they tend to run along that bottom hair. Maybe this almost like combed them out?Just a thought.
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