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5 weeks almost and lovin it =]

By: Cavewoman
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So I'm nearing a month and I'm pretty excited. most of the dreadies on top are staying together and starting to zig-zag and loop and are getting their own personality =] however a lot of the dreads underneath the ones on top completely undreaded and are just locs of hair holding themselves together.I kind of worried about it, though about re-tnring some of them but decided to leave them. a few of them are starting to kind of get some clumps so I know their doing their own thing, and they'll turn out better if I just leave them.There's even a few that separated some hair from itself and seem to be turning into separate dreads.It makes me wonder what my hair would have looked like had i just not brushed my hair for a few days and let my hair separate itself into the sections it wants (which is what I wish I had done but I still love my babies =] )So basically the top of my head is tnr and the bottom is almost like neglect now, I love it! I'm still fuzzy with a bunch of loose hairs but a lot of the loose hairs are stating to form baby dreads =Dmy favorite one is this hair that fell out a dread but is still connected to it. its very thin but you can feel that its a very thin dread. it looks like a thin little dread congo'd to a bigger one, hehe. This journey's so exciting. and I just wanted to write about it so figured a blog post was the best place to do it =]

06/18/10 07:44:29PM @cavewoman:
haha thanks =D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/18/10 11:34:06AM @soaring-eagle:
wow they loook awesomei love that tiny congo tooo

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