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Cat Telfer


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By: Cat Telfer
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I have had my dreads for about 3 months now. I used a crochet hook to make them. I just have a big problem with a huge rats nest in the back of my hair. Im having doubts now because this is what I was afraid of. Everytime I wash them they shrink up more into the knot. Its like a suction hole. I think its there because when I made my dreads I was sectioning it alone so I was technically just grabbing random pieces and I suppose I missed a huge chunk of hair or something and it just decided to mat all up. Its really bothering me and I just feel like brushing all my dreads out and starting over fresh. Should I just be patient an let my hair do its thing or brush it out? Im just thinking I cant have that knot in the back of my head forever. What should I do?

Alexandro Colon
09/29/12 10:40:02AM @alexandro-colon:

if a beautiful green plant was growing in your garden would you naturally let it grow to its fullest potential or always be messing around with it so it dosent reach its most beautiful potential?

Alexandro Colon
09/29/12 10:39:02AM @alexandro-colon:

dont even brush em out just get intune with your self and your hair and leave it alone your hairs like a plant its going to grow whichever way it wants and do whatever it wants ya know?

Alexandro Colon
09/29/12 10:38:07AM @alexandro-colon:

throw away the hook and go natural duhhhhhhhhh

09/25/12 06:05:51PM @ixchel:

separate as often as you need to, even if right now that means a few times a day. it will settle down after a bit & you won't have to do it as often. you can use beads or wraps on every other one to help keep them apart & make it easier too if you like.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/25/12 05:49:41PM @soaring-eagle:

crochet was a huge mistake 1 of the worse thibgs u can do to dreads

but you git to seperate dreads often after every wash is giood cause its easier to do when wet

pull the dreads away from eachother ripping the connecting hairs

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