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The Holy Science Group

The Holy Science Group

Lovers of The Holy Science, similar subjects, and Hermeticism welcome! Don't have a clue what it is? Neither did I until through research I stumbled upon Truth over a year ago! The stars have always fascinated me, so naturally so did astrologyand similar fields. This science is about astro-theology coupled with the beauty in correlation with our own human bodies, the temple of Solomon, or the temple of the Soul Of Man. Have you always felt like something was missing, that everywhere you looked, each question you asked, you were never being given the FULL picture? Find out what the ancient peoples knew about the stories being told in the sky and how they knew that it was all connected with the Earth, and their very bodies here on earth!

This is knowing ones self, along with others, and knowing what the literary facts of the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) are really speaking about. It is a beautiful science passed down over 10s of thousands of years. The library of Alexandria was not burned to the ground for no reason, along with every single other Greek school of higher learning across the Mediterranean by the holy roman empire, for teaching this science right here guys.

This is Truth of the science of Ascension and not "the truth" which the churches have perverted. Giving 10% tidings does not mean your wages.

At the end of the day the most important thing is that you draw your own conclusion, this could all be rubbish to you, but for some like myself it feels more than right, you just know it to be right.

Also there is a lot of information and guidelines that will be put forth and if followed can and will improve many types of ailments. Being all about helping people and spreading the hidden Truth, sharing this INVALUABLE information i hope at least one person can walk away with a smile on their face :)

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