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Cameron Zion


Location: Blacksburg, VA
Zipcode: 24060
Country: US


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Jah Children

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Cameron Zion
10/06/11 03:00:18PM @cameron-zion:

Thanks for all the kind words guys :) All the credit goes to Jah Rastafari without Jah's guidance or will I wouldn't be alive right now. This song is on the E.P. I just released. You can get it on Itunes, Amazon, CdBaby, etc. "Burn Me Down" - Cameron Sean. Not trying to get rich and only promoting One Love, Unity and personal peace of mind. Never be peace until we're all at peace with ourselves. Jah Bless.

storm frog
10/06/11 02:26:02PM @storm-frog:

flunking rite bro maddd soul i felt it, and ur good with that instument

Patty Haynes
09/06/11 06:09:45PM @patty-haynes:

You have a gift...very soothing.

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